Dreamland Performance – Shoreditch Town Hall


We are performing live with Nigel and Louise at Shoreditch Town Hall 26th-28th October. The piece, called margate/dreamland, is about an island, a town and its people.
It is our response to the current state of the world and its imminent collapse.
It is about the kaleidoscope of competing narratives of who we are.

It is a love song.

Made with generous help from the people of Margate and with support from Arts Council, England; Tom Thumb Theatre, Margate; Shoreditch Town Hall and National Theatre Studio.

Running Time: 60 min

“it left me walking down the road feeling like a bunch of monkeys dressed up in a coat.” 
Megan Vaughan, “Synonyms for Churlish
Weds 26th October – Friday 28th October at 9pm
The Ditch
Shoreditch Town Hall

Book tickets here: http://shoreditchtownhall.com/theatre-performance/whats-on/event/nigel-barrett-louise-mari-with-ak-dk-margate-dreamland