Damo Suzuki, Ann Shenton, Feline1 and AK/DK

Photo of Damo Suzuki singing and Ann Shenton playing Theremin

We had the pleasure of acting as ‘soundcarriers’ for legendary Can frontman; Damo Suzuki at his show in Brighton on 19th June. The show also featured Ann Shenton (from Large Number / Add N to X) and Feline1.

Damo’s philosphy of ‘Instant Composition’ or improvisation has seen him play a never-ending tour since 1983.

Above is a short excerpt of the show for those who missed it (however 4mins of a 1.5hr show doesn’t really do it justice!).

And here’s a collection of photos from the event taken by Melita Dennett;

Damo Suzuki

And here is a lovely cartoon experience of the event by Missy Tassles;