AK/DK, Johanna Bramli, and metaLuna perform at John Cage exhibition

Flyer for a nod to Cage at the De La Warr Pavillion

We are proud to be playing as part of the exhibition of John Cage’s work at the De La Warr Pavillion.

We have been collaborating with metaLuna and Johanna Bramli on a piece inspired by John Cage’s 1963 piece ‘Cartridge Music‘. We have used the beautiful architecture of the building to create a graphical score which metaLuna will animate and project onto the building in realtime. AK/DK and Johanna Bramli will then interpret the score using contact mics and record cartridges to pick up different sounds from the building.

We are heavily influenced by Cage’s work, particularly experimental electronic pieces such as this, so we are honored to be a part of this great exhibition.



Link to De La Warr Pavillion: